A Massive Thank You To

Christine White, who donated £20.00
Veronica Kinniburgh, who donated £10.00
Janet Ellis, who donated £5.00
Margaret Oswald, who said, ' Thanks for all you do for the animals. x' and donated £3.00
Sue Pearson, who donated £5.00
Claire Stokes, who said, ' Hi Edna, please find ?100. 00 for Lucy Pointer for some raw food for her skin irritation. Thank you.' and donated £100.00
Regal.C, who said, ' Marian swim money from Brenda Singleton which was handed to sherilee' and donated £14.00
Fiona Watson, who donated £25.00
Julie Williams, who said, ' Donation for January' and donated £15.00
Lynne Hart, who donated £2.00