A Massive Thank You To

Donna Dickson, who donated £5.00
Janice Richards, who donated £15.00
Corrinne Clouds, who said, ' Hope this little bit helps with the cost of treatment Regards Corrinne' and donated £10.00
Dawn Moule, who donated £50.00
Margaret Oswald, who said, ' This is toward the branda. thanks for all you do. x' and donated £20.00
Eva Mary Antonina Krygier, who said, ' Anonymous' and donated £101.00
Jacqueline O'Leary, who donated £100.00
Sue Pearson, who said, ' To help care for the many cats and dogs that we fell in love with during our holiday in Calis, from Sue and Eric Pearson' and donated £20.00
Pauline Sykes, who said, ' To buy a couple of the 15kg bags of half price dog food, merry Xmas Xxxxxxxxxxxx' and donated £15.00
Victoria Swain, who donated £100.00
Heather Ludlow, who said, ' For Micky from Heather Homewood' and donated £10.00
Margaret Calder, who donated £10.00
Michelle Boyd, who donated £10.00
Sarah Germain, who donated £15.00
Jemma Taylor, who said, ' Donation from UK' and donated £10.00
Nicola Jenkinson, who said, ' For underweight dog Diane Sillick is caring for' and donated £50.00
Margaret Williams, who said, ' For the starving, emaciated Golden Retriever' and donated £10.00
Karen Jolley, who donated £10.00
Frances Carey, who said, ' For the starving golden retreiver' and donated £40.00
Kate Bell, who said, ' Good Luck' and donated £10.00
Heather Ludlow, who donated £1.00
Frances Carey, who donated £5.00
Karen Pope, who donated £2.00
Margaret Oswald, who donated £2.00
Janet Ellis, who donated £1.00
Vanessa Snow, who said, ' For Susie' and donated £15.00
Julie Williams, who said, ' Decided not to send cards to each other this year so donated the money to Hayed to go towards the cost of kennels for Susie, the blind dog' and donated £30.00
Sarah Garrett, who donated £100.00
Joanne Wall, who said, ' Hope this small donation helps x' and donated £20.00
Glenn Reynolds, who said, ' Traffic Dog- from Lesley Brookes' and donated £10.00
Julie Williams, who said, ' Donation for December' and donated £15.00
Pauline Sykes, who said, ' A little something towards your costs ,thank you for everything you do to help the street animals x' and donated £10.00